CARRICK LODGE | History of Carrick Lodge


Carrick Lodge was originally a manse to the free Church at Corriegills. In those days manses were made so big and with many rooms because the minister was expected to provide shelter to travellers and any other people who found themselves without a home for the night.
After it was no longer required by the Church it became a boarding house so has always provided accommodation to visitors.
The picture on the left shows the original Church which was burnt to the ground. A new Church was built using the original gable and is still there today. It is now no longer a church.

CARRICK LODGE | Isle of Arran things to do

Things to do
in Arran

Hill Climbing

CARRICK LODGE | Things to do in Arran


The Isle of Arran is known as Scotland in miniature. It is a beautiful Island offering something for everyone.

So what are the best things to do in Arran? Well to kick off with there is fantastic hill walking and mountain biking. You can learn paragliding or Kayaking or enjoy a round of Golf on one of the 7 golf courses.

Children love the beaches and the adventure play area at Brodick Castle. There are cafes, restaurants and visitor centres. The Isle of Arran is on the West Coast of Scotland only a 55 min ferry journey.

The Blue Pool in Glen Rosa | Things to do in Arran
Glen Rosa
Blackwaterfoot  Beach | Things to do in Arran
Blackwaterfoot Beach
7 Golf Courses  | Things to do in Arran
7 Golf Courses
Eating Out in Whiting Bay | Things to do in Arran
Eating Out


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